The practices and policies that are
followed by www.airairfaresreservations.liveto ensure the protection of your
information are stated below. We aim to protect any personal information that
is obtained by us when, you use this website (“Site”). You are agreeing to the
following policies and practices when visiting this website.

1.      Information collected by us

2.     Usage of your information

3.     Sharing of your information

4.     Your preferences and choices with
respect to
we collecting and using your information

5.     The protection of your information?

6.     Privacy of Children

7.     External Links

8.    Contacting Us

9.     Phishing reserves
theright to update this Privacy Policy in future. The update date can be found by
referring to the “Last Updated” section, found at the top of the page. The
changes done to our Privacy Policy become effective only after the revised
Privacy policies are posted.

Information collected by us

General: Any information that is entered by you on the
website or is given to us on telephone, e-mail, fax, etc. is stored by us.
Stored information includes information regarding your identification like your
first name, last name, telephone number, postal address, e-mail addresses, etc.
In a few cases, the billing information (like credit card number, cardholder
name, and expiry date) is also stored. The information about a person’s
traveller preference, such as meal preferences, seat selections, frequent
flyer/car/hotel information etc. might also be requested from you. One can opt
for not providing such information to us, but many of which will be required
for you to enrol as a member with us or to carry out tasks like purchasing
products or services, completing traveller profile, participating in surveys
and contests, asking questions or initiating any other transactions.

Passenger Information : When a person makes arrangements on behalf of
another person through, then the travel preferences
personal information of the individual would be required on the name of which
the bookings/ arrangements are made. The consent of the individual whose
information is being provided to www.airairfaresreservations.liveis required,
because the
access to view or change the information will only be available through the
account of the person making the booking.

Information from Other Sources: We might also add information that is obtained
periodically from our business partners and other independent third-party
sources to our account information.

The Information we generally receive

Updated delivery information, Address
information (Which is used to correct records and facilitate proper delivery of
travel information),
Demographic information (Which is used to understand the potential purchasing
preferences of our customers)
Automatic Information Some information relating to your computer is
automatically collected when you are visiting the Site. For Instance, the
website collects your IP address, Software of Web browser (like Google Chrome
or Internet Explorer), and the referring Web site. Information relating to your
online activity may also be collected. One of the reasons behind collecting
this automatic information includes our aim of customizing the user experience.

Other Web Technologies and Cookies: A Cookie is a small and unique identifier text
file. We might assign your computer a Cookie upon your visit to the website- For example, when a person signs in to
as a member then we record the member ID and the name of the member account.
This is then stored in the cookie file in the computer of the user. If you
check the box named “Save password for automatic sign-in”, then the password
may also be saved in the Cookie file stored on your Computer. The member IDs,
passwords, and the other account-related information which is included in the
cookies are encrypted. This is done for security purposes. You can also disable
the receiving of a Cookie file by enabling the feature in your Web browser that
refuses cookies or prompts you before storing a cookie. You might not be able
to access many travel tools that are offered by,
if you
refuse to accept cookies.

Information Collected through
Third-Party Advertising Companies Cookies and other measures which measure
effectiveness of ads are used by the third-party advertisers. These advertisers
include those clients who serve ads on our behalf across the Internet. They use
it to modify, analyse and personalise the advertisement content on
and hence show the ads that have a greater probability of interesting you. This
Privacy Policy does not cover the access or control over cookies or any other
features and the information practices of the advertisers and other third party
clients. It is stated by the Fair Credit Billing Act that in case of fraudulent
charges, your Credit Card provider is not liable to make you pay in excess of
$50. If $50 is demanded by your credit card provider, then
will cover the expenses up to the full amount of $50 in case of any
unauthorised use of your credit card resulting through none of your faults
while purchasing from www.airairfaresreservations.liveusing its secure server.
You shall
also notify your credit card provider in case of the occurrence of such an

How We Use Your Information: Sensitive Billing information is used by
in order to complete the travel purchases that are made by you. The sensitive
Billing information includes information like credit card number, cardholder
name, expiration date etc. Other general Information is also used about you,
for the following purposes:

·       For providing products and services as
requested by you

·       For providing relevant travel confirmation and

·       For managing your account

·       For including processing bills

·       For providing travel notifications

·       For communicating with you in general

·       For responding to your questions and comments

·       For measuring your interest in our products
and services and hence improving them

·       For notifying you about special offers,
products, and services that you may like

·       For otherwise customizing your experience with

·       For rewarding you through various reward and
recognition programs, that you may choose to join

·       For soliciting information received from you
(This information includes the information received through surveys)

·       For collecting fees, resolving disputes or for
troubleshooting problems

·       For preventing illegal or potentially
prohibited activities

·       For enforcing our Terms of Use

·       In any other way as may be described to you
during the collection of the same

·       With whom is your information shared with by

Your Information may be shared by
with the following entities:
Suppliers- These include airlines, hotels, cruises, car rental agencies, etc.
They are those people/ parties which fulfil your travel requirements. All
services throughout www.airairfaresreservations.livewhich are provided by a
supplier have been described in the same way. Your email address is not shared
with these suppliers. We may however do so if they require it for fulfilling
any reservations, which you have done through
The use of
this information is restricted to that purpose. No limitations are placed on
our suppliers’ using or disclosing any other personal information of yours.
Hence, the reviewing of the Privacy Policies of the other travel suppliers (The
products of whom you are buying through is
encouraged by
us. It is to be noted that you can also be contacted by these suppliers for
obtaining any necessary or additional information, which may be required to
process your travel reservation. Third-party vendors- The Third Party Vendors
are those vendors who are providing services and/or functions on our behalf.
They include the vendors who are providing the services of (or relating to):

·       Credit card processing

·       Customer service

·       Marketing

·       Fraud prevention

An access to the personal
information, which might be needed by the third party suppliers for performing
their functions, is granted to them. They are however not permitted to use or
share this information for any other purpose or reason whatsoever. Business
Partners – Business Partners are those with whom our products or services may
be jointly offered. You can get to know of the involvement of a third party in
a product or service that is requested by you. This is because the names of
these partners will be appearing along with yours. You can also choose to avail
such optional services. In such cases, the information about you might also be
shared by us. This includes all your personal information with the partners.
This Privacy Policy does not cover the access or controls the information
practices of the business partners; you are hence advised to go through the
same before sharing your personal information. Your information might also be
shared in:

In response of court orders,
subpoenas, or any other legal process; for establishing or exercising our legal
rights; for defending against legal claims; or as may be required by law. In
cases like these, we reserve all rights for raising or waiving any legal
objections or rights that are available to us..

In the case when we feel that it is
necessary to prevent, investigate, or take action against illegal or suspected
illegal activities; for the protection and defence of rights, property, or
safety of, our customers, or others; and also in
to our Terms of Service and other agreements.

In case of a relation of a corporate
transaction, like a divestiture, consolidation, merger, or sale of assets.

Aggregate and anonymous information
might also be shared by us with third parties. These third parties include
investors and advertisers. The information communicated does not contain any
personal information. It is only used for the purpose of development of content
and services that you might find interesting according to us The Choices that
you can make with respect to the collection and usage of your information

The information which is required for
providing you with the travel products and services can be provided by you to
us. They may be requested as according to the terms, which are mentioned in
this Privacy Policy and www.airairfaresreservations.liveTerms of Use. Providing
information to us is also an option that you can choose. But, the same might be
required for making travel purchases or for availing certain specific features
which are offered on The information can be
updated, and
you can add the same on the member page. Closing the account is also an option,
which is available for you. The procedure to prevent your bowser from accepting
cookies can be found in the Help section of your browser. It will also give you
steps to avail the options to know about receiving notifications when you
receive a new cookie, disabling cookies, etc. It will not be possible for you
to access certain portions of the site, if you don’t accept cookies from

Protection of your information :We strive at the protection of any information
provided by you and aim at making you feel comfortable in dealing with
It is not possible to provide guarantee about the security, the website still
has implemented several technical, administrative and physical security
techniques and procedures that help in the protection of your personal
information that is provided to us. For instance, the ersonal information can
only be accessed by authorized employees that too only for permitted business
operations and functions. We also use encryption when any sensitive personal
information is transmitted between our system and yours.

Unauthorised people are prevented
from gaining access to your information by the deployment of firewalls and
other intrusion detection systems.

Children’s Privacy
does not sell and travel or related services, which can be purchased by
children. If any child who is under the age of 13 years sends information to
us, then we use the information only for responding directly to the child.

The child is informed about or need
to have parental consent before receiving the personal information.

External Links :If any part of www.airairfaresreservations.liveWeb
site is
linking you to other Web sites then those Web sites do not operate under this
Privacy Policy. Examining the privacy statements of those Web sites, is
recommended by us. This will help you to understand the procedures which are
used by those websites for collecting, using and also for disclosing

How You Can Contact Us: Any questions regarding this Privacy Policy (or
relating to travel planning or purchases), can be e-mail to us at privacy .

What about phishing? : At no point of time is your credit card
information, or any other details like login name, or password, there in an
insecure or unsolicited e-mail or also telephone communication. Emailing you or
calling you in response to your inquiry for service is only done. We lay great
concern to Phishing or the Identity theft. We also prioritise the safeguarding
of information so as to help protect you from phishing. You can visit
to obtain more information about phishing.

Accessing and changing the Account: The information about the order you place will be
provided by www.airairfaresreservations.liveto you, or to anyone else who is
mentioned in
your account as a contact. The information provided will or can include the

·       Information regarding the nature and status of
the order

·       Information provided for processing the order

·       Payment information

·       Contact information

Information about your order can in
cases of some products, may also be provided to the other individuals who are
named in the order. For responding to a subpoena or for complying with the
laws, the information might also be provided to a third party. The users have
an access and the ability to update the personally Identifiable Information.
The personal account profile can be visited any time by logging and clicking on
the “My Account” link. My Account gives the ability to
(i)Review and update the Contact Data, (ii)To remove the Personally
Identifiable Information
Such data or a part of it may be maintained by www.airairfaresreservations.livein
archives, even after the information being removed from the site.

How secure is the personal information
collected by us?
: We are committed towards the
security of data. We have the latest devices for encryption and security.
Besides, in order to secure and safeguard the information collected by us, we
have also implemented electronic, physical and managerial procedures. The
transmitting of personal and Credit card information is done by our secure
servers. There is no guarantee of 100% security with respect to the information
that is transmitted to or from your devices to our site and the information is
provided by you at your own risk. Hence, the liability for Loss, Theft,
unauthorized access, interception of your data is disclaimed by us. You
acknowledge and assume all these risks by using this site.

Personal Information We Gather

We collect your personal and travel
information based purely on your bookings. We collect details like your full
name, contact information, residential address, email address, fax number and
billing information during member registration and online bookings. We also
require information with regards to your preferences in terms of preferred
airline, destination and travel period. These informative details are of key
importance to ensure the correct booking. Rest assured, we preserve all
information with the highest levels of safety and security.

We also automatically gather
information about your computer details, including the server, IP address,
referring website and browser. This information is gathered for no other reason
than to ensure your protection from fraud.

We use your personal information,
like name and contact details to process your bookings, send confirmations,
manage your account and provide other essential notifications about your
bookings. We also use your information for sending you promotional emails and
offers, so that you can take advantage of all of our travel related

The most important information
collected from you is your billing details, which includes your credit card or
payment transaction details. We understand the sensitivity of disclosing this
information, however, we cannot avoid collecting these details for the purpose
of processing your travel bookings. The card number, card holder name, expiry
date and the card verification value number at the back of the card are
essential, but we ensure to restrict the use solely for your
around the experience of its customers.